South Florida Water Management District

Project Description

LH Engineering has performed and excelled at the following roles:

Generator Facilities Addition to Pump Stations G319 and G362

Provided mechanical engineering design services.  Designed ventilation system for generator facilities. Extended fuel pipes from existing pump stations to new generator facilities.

Pump Station G508 

Mrs. Li was the EOR for the electrical system design and construction for pump station G508. This station served as the main water supply structure to the wetlands treatment system with a second role as a flood control structure for nearby properties.  The pump station consists of both high flow diesel pumps and low flow electrical pumps. We led the design. We created a normal and standby power source that are distributed in medium voltage to the flow structures in a radius of over 30 miles in Stormwater Treatment Areas (STA) 6-2.

Pump Station G509

Mrs. Li was the EOR for the electrical system design and instrumentation control of the hydration pump station. The project objective was to integrate the instrumentation control system for controlling and monitor hydration pump station using Motorola SCADA.

Project Keywords
  • electrical, instrumentation control, mechanical, piping, plc, power, pump station, scada, system design, ventilation